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Most popular Facebook posts of 2013

Dec 31, 2013
1. Sandy the Elephant (posted 4/30) — a total of 2,600 comments and likes

The most awkward feature on Facebook is the “like” button. Very often on that social media platform people will post bad news, sad news or important news, and given that the only way to acknowledge that you have a reaction to that kind of story without leaving a comment is to “like” it, then many people opt not to post any reaction at all. You can’t reasonably “like” something when a friend posts news about something terrible.

As often as we can, we share breaking news stories and what we feel are important news events with our readers on Facebook. While we can see the size of the audience that saw the post, these aren’t the kind of stories that people took the time to give a public reaction to.

The postings on our Facebook that received the greatest amount of published reaction tended to be photos — almost all taken by our very own Kari Curtis — that were either happy or beautiful. There was the day that the dog “Bear” returned home. It sometimes doesn’t take more than a lovely picture of an island sunset to get people to click on “like” — a reaction no doubt by those who have seen such a sunset in person and hope to again. There is also the photo of one of the ferries, leaning over in a swelling sea, that was clicked on almost a thousand times by anyone who thought, “I’ve taken a ferry ride just like that!”

The single most popular posting this year was a photo of Maddy Tretheway and her driftwood elephant “Sandy.” She made the sculpture for her senior project earlier this year, and it was later bought by someone on the island. It was moved from her spot in front of the B.I. School to some other place.

And given that Block Island is stunning in any kind of weather, it’s not surprising that people like the place in the rain, the snow and when the sky is a clear blue. — Lars Trodson

The most popular posts are shown here.

2. Ghost Hunters (10/23) — 1,900 comments and likes
3. Ferry arriving (1/26) — 1,100 comments and likes
4. Painted Rock (10/28) — 1,000 comments and likes
5. Bear (7/17) — 980 comments and likes
6. Carole Jean (10/10) — 946 comments and likes
7. Lobster Pot Tree (11/25) — 811 comments and likes
8. Beautiful day (7/17) — 686 comments and likes
9. Snow (1/22) — 616 comments and likes
10. Beautiful Sept. Day (9/6) — 606 comments and likes
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