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Monsoon madness

By Judy Tierney | Apr 18, 2011

Sunday morning, I arrived at the BIG a few minutes too early to pick up the Sunday Times, which was still being compiled in the back of the store. My friend Jennifer surprised me by suggesting we walk down to Juice N Java. I hadn’t realized they were open.

Kelly was there with stories about how her mom is doing in Carlsbad, California, and an explanation of those wavy Hawaiian giclee posters on display on the Juice & Java walls. As we sipped our drinks, mine a house mocha java blend, Jennifer’s an iced tea, Kelly told us giclee means the pictures are printed with an ink jet printer from a computer image. These were made in limited quantity, like a lithograph is. They are quite beautiful, their colors bold, their curvey waves  making the scenes just a bit surreal. I especially liked the one with  three red birds roosting by the sea.

Kelly’s new house-blended Block Island coffee is really good, but  my favorite is still the Indian  Malabar Monsoon. According to the website of The Captain’s Coffee, Malabar Monsoon is their most unusual coffee. They say, “It takes 12 to 16 months to process because after the fruit is removed, it is stored in warehouses until the monsoon season, and then the sides of the warehouse are opened up to allow the monsoon winds to circulate around the coffee while it is being constantly raked and turned by hand.”

I am smitten with its flavor, and though I always get the name mixed up, calling it Monsoon madness, Kelly knows what I mean. She promised she will have it at Juice N Java again soon.

If you are wondering why I still read the paper New York Times on Sunday when the on-line version is available earlier, it is because there is nothing as relaxing as sitting back on the couch, spreading those paper pages out around me and retreating from the rest of the world behind them. Somehow Internet reading makes me rush, as though the ferry is leaving and I don’t have much time before I need to board. Especially on the weekend, picking and choosing my way through the news is a luxury I will enjoy as long as they keep publishing that way.


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