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Martha Ball resigns from Tourism Council

Nov 08, 2013

After eight years on the Tourism Council, Martha Ball has submitted her resignation. In a letter to First Warden Kim Gaffett, Ball said while her resignation may “seem out of the blue,” she assured Gaffett that it had been a long time coming. The following is the complete text of Ball’s letter to the town council. — Lars Trodson

October 29, 2013

Town Council

Town of New Shoreham

Dear Warden Gaffett et al:

Please accept my resignation as a member of the Tourism Board effective immediately.

This move is long overdue, the Board needs new blood and I hope the opening will be an encouragement some to-date unknown person to throw his or her hat into the ring. The Board is currently in very good shape with Zena Clark at the helm and Jess Willi serving as Executive Director; the slumping years of uncertain revenues seem to be over; it is an opportune time to bring someone new aboard.

The challenges continue, here and up-state, and it is time for new energy and perspectives.

This letter may seem out of the blue; it is not. It was delayed only as I like the people with whom I serve and especially did not want a resignation to be seen in any way as not supporting them but today simply feels like the right day.

Thank you for affording me the opportunity to serve my town in this capacity. It has been more years than I care to count and the answer to “what happened?” is simple: it is time.

Again, thank you.


Martha Ball

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