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Make room for Hibiscus!

By Highland Farm Inc. | Jul 24, 2013

Perennial Hibiscus (Rose Mallow) makes an incredible statement in the landscape, considering the height and width can be 6-8' tall by 6-8' wide.  The blossoms can get to 10 INCHES ACROSS!!  Hibiscus arrives late to the "party" (mid-july) BUT, is well worth the wait with it's long bloom time.

Highland Farm currently has 11 different cultivars of perennial hibiscus:

"Berrylicious"                           "Heartthrob"

"Blue River II"                          "Jazzberry Jam"

"Cranberry Crush"                    "Kopper King"

"Midnight Marvel"                     "Anne Arundel"

"Lord Baltimore"                        "Lady Baltimore" 

"Luna Rose"

"Google" the cultivar name to see the picture of the blossom, and call 792-8188 to

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