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MacTavish and the sailboat

By J. V. Houlihan, Jr. | Nov 20, 2013
Photo by: J. V. Houlihan, Jr. MacTavish scouting out the main cabin

Our newly adopted Scottish Highland Terrier MacTavish, hit the lottery when he stumbled into our clan. This guy was caged twelve hours a day while his owners worked. The folks who owned him had to put him up for adoption—long story. Fortunately, this led him to a great foster family—these folks have 3 Scotties—and then finally, the fates brought him to us. His brother Sailor, who doesn't like to sail, welcomed his brother with open paws, ya know a "mi casa, su casa," thing. Sailor must've surely remembered, how well his late brother Mac treated him when we brought him home—doggie karma I guess.

   MacTavish rolled around the old Newport haunts that me and Mac the Scottie did back in the day: Fort Adams, Bannister's Wharf, Old Port Marine's office,( Meredith and Matt are dog people), and the sailboat. From my experience, Scottish Highland Terriers are tough hombres: tenacious, fearless and very curious, so checking out the sailboat was a breeze for this guy. As he hopped on board, he slid a bit on the deck, but he adjusted his footing on the quick. Within ten weeks, MacTavish went from a cage, to a family of 3 Scotties, to the cockpit of a sailboat in Newport Harbor. Whattacountry!

   I got him down through the companionway and into the main cabin with no problem. Once below, he scouted around and hopped up onto the seetee and sat to watched me read for a bit; he seemed right at home. Later, after I messed around the boat checking my winter gear, I looked down below, and Master MacTavish was stretched out belly up and fast asleep.  I'll go out on a boom here and say without hesitation, that this guy is going to love sailing like Mac did, this guy is adventurous and adaptable. It's the Highland way.




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