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Lincoln, the movie, is worth seeing

By Fraser Lang | Nov 27, 2012

As a lifelong student of Abraham Lincoln It was a special treat to go see the new movie starring Daniel Day Lewis.  I probably know too much of the history so there were moments when I questioned the "truth" of some of the incidents and dialogue. On the other hand, it is still a powerful portrayal of Lincoln's genius as a politician and the moral compass that guided his decisions.  The acting is superb.

My son, Brent, who is a reporter for, an on line publication that covers the entertainment field, had an interesting take on the women's roles in the film. It is worth a read if you have seen or plan to see the film.

My recommendation is to see this movie which will cause you to reflect on what leadership is and to ponder if we have anyone of this stature in public life today.

Fraser Lang

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