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Letters to the Editor, May 11, 2013

May 13, 2013

Dear Block Island Community:

Thank you to all who came out to celebrate Peter’s life. He found a home when he stepped off the ferry 33 years ago. He would have so appreciated the beautiful day and the outpouring of love from so many on this little island. During the winter, so many people visited, sent cards, cooked meals and offered their support. Silas, Thea and I will be eternally grateful to all who helped us through this difficult time.

After living here for so many years, we thought we knew Block Island, but we truly had no idea what a jewel this community can be when one of their own is in need.

We didn’t know that the Lions Club offers cancer patients the opportunity to have their travel costs paid for during their weekly treatments. We didn’t know that every doctor or nurse, retired or not, gives you their cell phone numbers and asks you to call any time. We didn’t know that people just show up and take care of yard work, even when you have never met them. And we didn’t know about that local guy or girl, who most days hardly speaks a word to you, but sends a beautifully handwritten card to tell you how they really feel.

Peter was a man who always reminded his children to count their blessings and to not take their lives for granted.

In his passing, once again, he reminds us all that we are blessed with a remarkable community with wonderful caring people.

Much love and thanks,

Kristine, Silas and Thea Monje


To the Editor:

Not sure if we should be amused or deeply concerned with regard to the tone and length of some of the letters to the editor. It is quite rare that an individual attempts to influence and perhaps even intimidate a newspaper in an effort to quell criticism with the hope of garnering favorable press.

However, I am certain that [editor] Lars [Trodson] is astute enough to weed out the wheat from the chaff. As they say, it’s not his first rodeo. In any event it would indeed be disappointing if the island had to endure another summer of controversy when so many other issues need resolution. Yes, God forbid, here we go again!

Hope that Bill McCombe with the assistance of new board members can help BIHS get out of the newspaper (whatever happened to the concepts of seamless and transparent) and help it focus on its core process of providing outstanding medical attention.

Terry Mooney

Sunset Hill


To the Editor:

It seems that we are finally addressing the subject of your cartoonist. Royal Bruce Montgomery is a gifted artist and illustrator, and is even mildly amusing when he confines himself to ticks, tourists and herring gulls.

However, I’m sure that I’m not the only person here who is fed up with his incessant petty sniping at town hall, town government, town boards and town employees.

Here in this great community, our government is us; it’s not the enemy.

John Spier

West Side Road


To the Editor:

Tip your hat to Cindy Lasser the next time you see her. Her Island Bound Bookstore is on point. April 23 was World Book Night. A night set aside across the world (UK, Ireland, Germany, USA) to celebrate reading and books. Dozens of authors stepped up and donated their individual works for this cause, including Tina Fey, David Benioff, John Grisham, and Walter Mosley. This was an international event of which we were a part, and it very much went unnoticed. But Cindy Lasser was on board. On April 23 she not only led the charge and gave away free books in her Block Island bookstore, she shipped two boxes of books to Coventry High School for me to hand out to my students. These books were gold.

Her efforts reminded even the most reluctant student of the simple joy of reading. Raise your glasses, ladies and gentlemen. This girl’s all right. Thank you, Cindy.

Marc Blevins

Coventry High School


To the Editor:

The Nature Conservancy has an active volunteer program of many people assisting with trail maintenance. Recently, we have noticed there has been trail trimming done that doesn’t follow our protocols. We welcome and appreciate these efforts but would like to ask if you choose to trim existing trails on your own to please throw the brush off the walking trail. Brush left in the trail is a safety hazard to walkers and makes it very difficult to clear and mow. We encourage anyone interested in volunteering to contact The Nature Conservancy office (466-2129) so we can coordinate these activities. Thank you, Block Island program of The Nature Conservancy.

Charlotte Herring

Block Island Program Coordinator

The Nature Conservancy


To the Editor:

Springtime and the continuing Block Island Health Services saga! Did you see last week’s “novella” by Ms. Lewis? As I am a candidate for the BIHS Board, she asked me to write a short bio of 150 words for the mailing to members. I was remiss; she counted mine at 169 words (including those of one and two letters) and informed me that it was “conspicuously long.” Re-do it! So I did, all the time wondering about “conspicuously long”; after seeing her letter, now I know!

Her letter attacked my fellow candidates, Montgomery and Saxon — criticizing their right to free speech and expression. Her kind of attack is the very reason that Bruce, Peter and I are running. Also, a Board that tries to run everything isn’t needed. The Board’s main jobs should be to raise money, manage that money and set goals.

I am very concerned about the lack of fiscal responsibility evidenced by the current board. They have overspent, then go crying for more money. It appears that they have made little or no effort at fundraising. It seems to be “beneath” them to do such a mundane thing. As a result, they have seriously eroded the BIHS endowment.

We bring management expertise, legal experience and financial leadership to the table; qualities that are sorely needed. Let the medical professionals do what they do best and let us help them, not micromanage them.

This is a very important election. The two incumbents are the fundraising co-chair and the treasurer – the lead financial manager. Please, examine the problems and the people running; Block Island Health Services belongs to us all.

Lest I get conspicuously long – thank you for your consideration and, hopefully, for your vote.

Ken Maxwell

Corn Neck Road

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