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Letters to the Editor, June 7, 2013

Jun 03, 2013

To the Editor:

​ It has always been about the children. And they were on hand this past Sunday to share in the joyful celebration of our retirement from the Block Island School. We would like to thank them for coming, along with their parents and our many colleagues and friends.

​ A grand thank you is due to Rita and Steve Draper and Justin Abrams for the generous use of their beautiful Manisses garden, the delicious refreshments, and for sharing their lovely staff. Always huge supporters of our school, the Draper/Abrams clan no doubt ordered the perfect weather to go along with the view!

​We are especially grateful to Deborah Hart for her skillful guidance in arranging the party and all its many details. Additionally, we want to vigorously thank the many staff members who organized behind the scenes, ordering supplies, arranging flowers, providing our fun beach chairs for all to sign and of course, preparing food and asking friends to do the same.

​And the food was a culinary delight!

​Rebecca’s and Finn’s, Mohegan Café and the Beachead outdid themselves with bountiful food trays beautifully prepared. You are asked often for support in what you do well, and we are ever thankful for the generosity you extended to us.

​Many of the details of the day were a well-kept surprise and a delightful one at that. Please forgive us if we have missed thanking someone for a contribution to the celebration.

​Lastly, we would be remiss not to send a special hug and thanks to our dear colleague John Warfel who spoke so kindly from the heart and led the way for us to offer our own words of thanks.

​Thanks for the best “graduation” party ever, Block Island!

​​​​​Teri McCombe, Old Town Road

Barby Michel, Lewis Farm Road


To the Editor:

Give kids a platform to be kids and they’ll do just that.

A huge congratulations to all involved in the Middle School dance. It was a huge success, and the kids had an incredible time. From all of them linking arms and singing their favorite songs to boys asking each of the girls to dance, the night couldn’t have gone any better! I’m excited to see what happens next for similar activities at the Block Island School and am very grateful for the opportunity to be involved in the event.


Elizabeth Holmes

Ocean Ave.


To the Editor:

To start with, let me admit that I am biased: Monty Stover is my friend. For very good reason — for lots of good reasons, Monty is my friend. I am not an islander, I have never been to a Block Island Health Services meeting and I have no first or even second hand knowledge of the workings of BIHS or its board. But I do read, and some of the letters that I have read regarding Monty’s dismissal were, let’s just say, ill advised.

Members of the BIHS board have been quoted, and I think some have actually written, that they refuse to discuss the reasons behind Monty’s dismissal for his own “protection,” and they claim that the law requires this. Their understanding of the law may be correct, but their only legitimate response to questions regarding Monty’s firing would have been “no comment.” Instead, apparently to save face, board members and their allies have suggested that there is “something” behind Monty’s dismissal that they refuse to identify. Having chosen to say something rather than nothing, board members have maligned Monty every bit as much as if an explicit slander had been employed. In fact, insinuation is more insidious than direct accusation because Monty can’t defend himself against an undefined charge.

The only possible reason for a board member to imply that Monty did something wrong but refuse to say what it is, is defensive. Concealing an accusation behind Monty’s “rights” is not an act of administrative rectitude, it is craven. If members of the BIHS board had truly intended to defend Monty’s “rights,” they would have remained silent.

Miles B. Andrews

Grace’s Cove



To the Editor:

The Block Island Maritime Institute’s annual Chowda’ Fest was a rip-roaring success because this community knows how to come together to help its non-profit organizations.

Kitchen coordinators Becky Ballard, Carol Hill, Cindy Baute and Phil Hennessey did a bang-up job. The Block Island School students, in cooperation with Shannon Cotter, served like pros.

Special thanks to all the businesses: Poor People’s Pub, The National, Ballard’s Inn, Bethany’s, The Oar and Harbor Market along with volunteers Mike Ballard, Lisa Sprague, Sue Torrey, Dave Sirowich who supplied all the chowda.

Most of all I would like to thank Rita and her crew for the unbelievable job of cleaning, organizing and basically transforming the whole building and grounds.

Congratulations to John Henry Tripler for winning the raffle of 12 lobsters and 48 clams.

And thanks to all the folks who patronized the event. Where would we be without you?

Wendell Corey

BIMI President

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