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Letters to the Editor, June 28, 2013

Jul 01, 2013

To the Editor:

In your front-page article June 22, 2013 about Block Island hotels installing air conditioners, you mention that the Island has suffered “rolling brown outs” of electricity in the past. You asked if Block Island Power Co. (BIPCo) has or had sufficient generation capacity to handle an increased load.

BIPCo has not had any demand-induced shortage of electricity in the past 26 years of current ownership and has sufficient generation capacity to meet any current or near-term future demand.

Albert R. Casazza

President, BIPCo

To the Editor:

A few weeks ago I was on the winning team at Club Soda’s Monday night Trivia. I told my teammate to expect the worst, that as bad a loser as I am, I am probably the worst winner on the planet — as evidenced by the fact I am managing to work our win into a letter to the editor.

Then I read Peter Saxon’s letter [published June 22] and realized I am in the minor leagues. A bit of free advice: when Peter Wood asks if there is a reason other than mean-spiritedness to one’s actions, responding nastily only underscores the validity of the question.

Contrary to the assertions in Mr. Saxon’s response [“. . . ethics complaints . . . for participating in the appointments of her father and son-in-law to town positions and for negotiating a contract with a member of the . . . Health Services Board while that member was her campaign chair”] to Mr. Wood’s query, the record supports that Kim Gaffett recused herself on the appointment of her dad as auctioneer (who knew we had one?); she does not have a son-in-law. There was no agreement between Health Services and the Town negotiated solely by the First Warden and the BIHS Secretary (who was Kim’s campaign treasurer, not chair). Perhaps if Mr. Saxon is truly concerned about the example set for “our children,” he might consider providing them a better illustration than an opening paragraph laced with misstatements of fact.

It does make one wonder about the relative weight assigned presentation and fact by the Ethics Commission in determining the First Warden in violation. And it further confirms my personal opinion that Kim Gaffett’s most egregious error was in not hiring a lawyer to present her case.

It may not be fair, it hardly speaks of fair and equal justice for all but it is the way things are or, sadly, the way they have too often become.

Martha Ball

Mansion Road

To the Editor:

As the summer season moves into full swing, the Chamber of Commerce is happily bustling with visitors and phone calls. If the crowds to date are any indication, we are hopeful that this summer will be very favorable to our island businesses. During the past three years or so, there has been a marked increase in the number of requests for air-conditioned rooms and Wi-Fi service. This year the requests have burgeoned, and we are realizing that visitors want and need to combine work with vacation time and that seeking an air-conditioned room is fast becoming the new norm.

We know that there are many issues involved with the delivery of both services here on Block Island. The Chamber of Commerce is in support of island properties seeking to upgrade to air-conditioning and Wi-Fi so that Block Island can maintain a robust tourism economy.

The Board of Directors

Block Island Chamber of Commerce

To the Editor:

Once again a big thank you to the Crescent Beach Dune Project Volunteers who, on Saturday, June 8, installed snow fencing on the two access paths to Mansion Beach. This concludes the Restoration Project. Snow fencing has been installed on the Crescent Beach access paths from Baby Beach to Mansion Beach.

Let us take a moment to recognize what the nearly 150 volunteers have accomplished over the past three work days. You have dug 450 fence-post holes and installed 90 rolls of snow fencing — that is just under a mile of fencing.

Let’s not forget the generosity of the donors to the Dune Restoration Project.

They are the Roosa Fund, the Block Island Lions Club and numerous individuals who collectively gave just under $12,000 to purchase the snow fencing supplies.

Thank you all and a job well done.

Bill Penn and Ned Phillips Jr.

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