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Letter from Electric Utility Task Group to Town Council re Deepwater

By Block Island Residents Association | Nov 08, 2012

Electric Utility Task Group Recommendation to Town Council of Army Corps of Engineers Request for Public Input

The EUTG has written a letter to the Town Council recommending certain responses to inquiries from the public regarding Deepwater Wind Block Island. This letter details economic benefits, environmental benefits, and alternatives. We hope that you will read this letter, along with the other two informative documents previously placed on our website!

Click this link to jump to the document:

ACOECommentEUTG (click here then on doc title in lower left of screen)

After reading this new document, we hope that you will take our BIRA poll on the Deepwater Wind project at:

Thank you for your citizenship!







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Posted by: Michael Delia | Nov 08, 2012 19:04

The letter from the EUTG continues the fallacy that any of the power from the proposed WTG's are delivered to Block Island. By contract and by law 100% of the power generated by the WTG's will be sold to National Grid. In addition 100% of Block Island's Power will be bought by BIPCo from National Grid and then resold to the rate payers on Block Island by BIPCO. The only thing saving us money and environmental benefit is the cable.

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