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Lemonade for a good cause

Sep 18, 2013
Photo by: Dana Freyer

These photos and the following story were sent in by reader Dana Freyer, from Scarsdale, New York:

My four grandchildren sold lemonade and bracelets they had made on Saturday, Aug. 31, on Corn Neck Road near Mansion Road, to raise money for the Block Island Conservancy. They donated $100, which Zachary Kurtz (age 8) gave to Leonard Perfido on Saturday (bottom photo). The children in the photo to the immediate left are Zachary Kurtz, age 8, Sydney Kurtz, age 6, and Cameron Ventura, age 5. Henry Ventura, age 3, not in the photo, was busy handing out lemonade.

Last August they did the same. They met wonderful people who appreciated the lemonade — having just climbed the hills to and from North Light — and the opportunity to support the Conservancy.





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