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Land Trust discusses Solviken ideas

By Stephanie Turaj | Sep 18, 2013

The Land Trust spent much of its Monday, Sept. 9 meeting discussing its plans to develop and preserve the Solviken Property, land off Corn Neck Road that the Land Trust purchased last year in collaboration with the Block Island Conservancy.

Land Trust Chair Barbara MacMullan distributed a list of priorities for the Solviken, which includes preserving the existing stone foundation on the property. Members considered building a concert stage or some other similar structure, but did not make a decision on this. The Land Trust also hopes to create better beach access on the property and better define and develop the parking lot that exists there.

MacMullan reported that there are plans to put in walking paths at the Hyland Property, an area off West Side Road purchased by the Land Trust in April. The paths should be created later this fall.

Also discussed were protocols for allowing tree donations on Land Trust property. Island resident Chris Warfel wrote to the trust asking to donate a tree in memory of Liz Cowles, who passed away earlier this year.

The Land Trust voted to contribute $2,920 to the Ocean View Foundation’s night watchmen, who were hired in the summer to monitor the property. Some of this money will also pay for maintenance of the Ocean View property and the adjoining Land Trust property. Ocean View Foundation Director Kim Gaffett reported that the summer programs at the Ocean View went “very well.” She also reported that nighttime sleeping and partying on the property has declined this year.

Members also voted to renew the Land Trust’s memberships with the Land Trust Alliance and the Rhode Island Land Trust Council.

Treasurer Barby Michel reported that the Land Trust earned an income of $38,895 in July and $39,067 in August from 3-percent property transfer fees.  The operating account of the Land Trust as of Aug. 31 was $807,260.

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