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Land Trust discusses mile-a-minute eradication

By Stephanie Turaj | Dec 20, 2012

In a brief meeting on Monday, December 10, the Block Island Land Trust discussed possibly conducting a controlled burning of one of its properties to rid the land of the invasive, non-native plant species "mile-a-minute," but the group was waiting to obtain expert advice to determine if burning actually would get rid of it.

Member Harold "Turtle" Hatfield explained that The Nature Conservancy put him in contact with a mainland organization that conducts controlled burns. If fires actually hurt the seeds (that's not always the case) Hatfield said that burning might be "worth a shot." Once he hears back from the experts, the group would decide what time of year would work best.

Fire Chief Tristan Payne attended the meeting, and said that he would be interested in a controlled burn, noting that it also could be good training for fire department personnel. However, he said that the department might not have all necessary equipment on hand, and asked the group to provide more information on the project.

Treasurer Barby Michel reported that the Land Trust took in $87,957 from 3-percent fees on property transfers in November.

The Land Trust voted to re-elect all current officers for 2013: Barbara MacMullan will remain as chair, Dennis Heinz as vice-chair, Michel as treasurer, Heidi Tarbox as secretary, and Hatfield as stewardship coordinator.

Members also voted on advertising requests for bid for 2013 stewardship projects; this bid includes maintenance on various Land Trust properties.

Tarbox noted in her secretary's report that Rick Villa has stepped up to perform voluntary stewardship work on the Ocean View property in the upcoming year.

The Land Trust closed its meeting in executive session to discuss matters of acquisitions, investment and litigation.

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