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Kings Of The Block: three on three charity basketball tournament

By Aaron Monieson | Jul 23, 2012

Helping people and playing basketball has always been something my friends and I love to do. My friends and I decided to put the two together. We came up with the idea to start a three on three basketball tournament, with proceeds going to the Block Island Fire and Rescue Squad.   We chose the Fire and Rescue Squad, because of how much they have done for the Island. Whether it is responding to midnight emergencies, watching over the fireworks, or putting fires, the Fire and Rescue Squad has done a great job protecting this Island and deserve our support.

We knew that this tournament was a great cause, so we would have to come up with a great name.  Rajon Rondo, the Celtics starting point guard, participates in a tournament called King of the rock. The tournament, which is sponsored by Red Bull, takes place on the Island and former prison, Alcatraz. Being fans of Rondo, and seeing that we could make a play on the words of his tournament name, we decided to go with Kings of the Block.

The tournament will take place on August 6th, from 2:45pm to 8pm, at the Ball O’Brien skate park.  Registration will take place before the tournament from 1pm to 2:45pm. The fee is $30 per team, all of which goes to the Fire and Rescue squad.    The winners will receive a $300 grand prize. There will also be hotdogs, hamburgers, Gatorade, and tournament T-shirts for sale, the proceeds from these sales will also go towards the Fire and Rescue squad.   So grab two buds, and come on down to the skate park on August Sixth, and help out the Fire and Rescue.

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