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 Kindle Conundrum

By J. V. Houlihan, Jr. | Nov 28, 2012

I wrote an article for the Block Island Times last year, "To Kindle or not to Kindle" and thought I'd resolved the question; however, recently my brain has tossed this burning question around my already taxed and addled baby-boomered brain; my head was ready to combust, it was on fire! I mean I love books, so this is a very big decision!

     I see people getting on the ferry reading their Kindles in their cars and they seem to like them when I ask if they do. Some  co-workers, Joel Kenneway and Jake Fonseca think they're great, and have come very close to having me cross over, like I recently did by buying an iPhone, which by the way, is an astounding gadget for a geezer-in-training like me. So the hunt for a Kindle began.

    The guy at Staples told me how easy the Kindle Paperwhite was to read in "all ambient light." I could tell he figured he'd set the hook with this guy, and was just waiting to reel me in, but this guy didn't know the hunt was just beginning for me. I left. He looked perplexed. The hunt continued on to Middletown.The rather demure and cute Barnes and Noble saleswoman showed me how cool the Nook was compared to the Kindle. I politely thanked her and left her also perplexed; I must've looked like an easy mark or a bumpkin to these slick salespeople. Both of them gave off the vibe, that they had me sold.

     Recently, a  friend asked my celtic, comrade, co-worker and Kindle owner Martin Donovan, "Has Houlihan gotten a Kindle yet?" Martin said,"Houlihan will get a Kindle when the rest of us have chips in our heads to read books." The sub-text of that reply was "He ain't getting a Kindle, ever." 'nuff said.


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