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July 4 weekend sees record sewer/water production

By Stephanie Turaj | Jul 16, 2013

An indication that this year’s July 4 weekend might have been busier than ever are the record-setting sewer and water numbers.

Sewer Superintendent Chris Blane said that over the weekend, the sewer department took in over 300,000 gallons of sewage per day.

“Generally speaking, it’s been a one-day event where this plant has taken over 300,000 gallons,” said Blane. “I’ve never seen three days with over 300,000 gallons.”

On July 4, there were 316,000 gallons that went through the sewer system. On July 5 there were 331,000 gallons, and on July 6 there were 305,000 gallons.

Blane said that the higher numbers were most likely because of what seemed like increased business, such as more boats in the harbor needing pump-out service, the addition of the Surf Hotel being fully in businesses this year, and more visitors to the island.

There were no issues or spills with the sewer system over the weekend that he was aware of, said Blane. “The numbers that we tracked with no violations is a testimony to the crew working here and the new SCADA system,” he said. The SCADA system, a control and alert system, was completed at the end of June.

Blane thanked his staff for their work, Jim Geremia for his work on the SCADA system, and the Block Island Power Company for no blackouts over the weekend.

Water Superintendent John Breunig said that the water production was also increased this year. He noted that there have been new water customers added since last year, and also said that the addition of the Surf Hotel added more water flowing through the system.

On July 4, water flows were 183,000 gallons, and 183,000 again on July 5. On Saturday, July 6 there were 175,000 gallons.

Last July 4, there were 150,000 gallons of water, said Breunig.

“I think it’s increased business,” said Blane. “I think we had a better fourth of July for quality of life.”

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