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It's in the bag!

By Highland Farm Inc. | Apr 02, 2013

Highland Farm has "it" in the bag, whatever you need for your garden.  

Cocoa Shells (26lb) $6.99

Buckwheat Hulls (2 cf) $16.99

Sweet Peat (1.5 cf) $10.99

Peat Moss (3.8cf) $19.99

                  (1cf)    $5.99

Fafard Container soil (1cf) $6.99

                      (2cf) $11.99

Fafard Planting Mix (1cf) $5.99

Fafard Organic Potting mix (1cf) $6.99

Fafard Composted Manure (40lb.) $6.99

Fafard Premium (shrimp & seaweed) Compost (1cf) $6.99

Fafard Topsoil (1cf) $4.99

Rye Straw Bales $7.00

 Call 792-8188 today for FREE delivery to the Block Isiland Ferry!

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