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Nov 08, 2013

Ed. Note: Island poet and musician Jon Campbell sent in the following poem after experiencing what he referred to as getting “sand-blasted all weekend.” (The title, for those non-movie buffs out there, refers to the name of the famous sled that was thrown into the furnace at the end of Orson Welles’ “Citizen Kane.”)


By Jon Campbell

In October it blew hard from the North

For seven, eight, nine days

A dry Nor’easter

Along the bluffs on the East edge of the Island

Gulls shot down the wind with rigid wings

And with a casual flick, turned

And coasted back up, unflappable

If gulls could be said to be happy,

These were as ecstatic as kids who had

Dragged that old sled out of the basement.


Ed. Note: The following poems were sent in by Steve Holloway, pastor at the Harbor Church.


Autumn Haiku

By Steve Holloway



Surf the foliage: walk

at peak Vermont to the coast:

then you’ll get enough.



The island leaves burned

by salt miss gold entirely,

just give up and drop.



We too lose color:

stripped branches, when we had hoped

to leave in orange.



Is it desire or

the memory of desire:

fall dragonflies, fog.

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