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Is Rolling Stone that desperate to sell their magazine

By J. V. Houlihan, Jr. | Jul 17, 2013

After a sweltering day at work at the docks, I came home to a news item regarding the new cover of Rolling Stone that turned my stomach. They dropped the ball. Period. Jann Wenner, shame on you to green light this despicable display of bad taste, very bad taste. I will not mention this person's name, to further deify this murderer. A few facts will do however. He detonated a bomb that killed a little boy, and maimed several others. 'Nuff said about this cowardly act. Moreover, he did it at the finish line of the Boston Marathon. Now he's a hero and a celebrity.

     I love reading the insightful Matt Taibbi, David Fricke, and the witty velocity of Erik Hedegarrd's words. I loved the magazine; until tonight. Does the magazine need ratings that badly, for this Yellowest of Yellow Tabloid Journalism. Who cares about his back story. He killed a little boy. How about putting the victims of this tragedy on the cover.

     What is more dispiriting, is that there are so many very talented people, who would be honored to be on the cover of this great American magazine. They deserve to be on the cover. Now this twisted guy will sit in jail and boast as the guy who was on the cover of Rolling Stone. He will become fodder for the courts and then he will die in jail.

     Hopefully, Jann Wenner will retract this insult to the victims of this horrific day. I recently saw a clip of him getting inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and he seemed like a bright guy, and I 'm sure he has some good writing chops;  however, this cover has upstaged all of that. Without question, this was the worse possible choice of a person to have the vaulted status; to be on the cover of this magazine. Again Jann Wenner, shame on you.


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