The Block Island Times

In Memoriam:  Cody Johns Craynock, age 26.

Mar 17, 2014

The following was written by island resident Jules Craynock, “In the hope that dialogue would be encouraged with many others of our community that sit alone with an ambiguous loss, in the quiet times of each day, every day.”


Each Day


In quiet hours, hearing the collapse of dreams and

hopes, like the muffled sound of snow falling from a roof.

The suicide death of a son, call him Deacon Blues,* “he

died behind the wheel.”


In quiet times, solitary tears falling, out of place across

an old face, starting another day and seen by no one.


In quiet places, the pain of a father softly dissipating into

the cold of a relentless universe, entropy at work.


In quiet nights, navigating with a broken sextant, a bright

star gone, a constellation changed, course uncertain.


Today I will show up, with no other possible promises.

From the quiet of each day, every day.


* “Deacon Blues,” written by Walter Becker and Donald Fagan. From the 1977 album “Aja.”

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