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In Case You Haven't Heard

By Fran Migliaccio | Apr 23, 2012

Not to miss

Orders are now being taken for Girl Scout cookies, and if you have not yet been buttonholed by a Girl Scout, contact Cookie Mom Kate Butcher at (401) 466-5887. Better hurry, the deadline for ordering is April 28!

The Drama 911 Theater Troupe is busy rehearsing for their presentation of “I Hate Shakespeare!” on May 17, 18 and 19 at the Harbor Church, and the show promises to be fine, funny and lively. Performers are Alcy Stiepock MacKay, André Miller, Jake Douglas, Moira O’Neill, Jacques Boudreau, Mary Conant, Mathias Heinz, Julia Gasner, Mikhaela Brown-Padien, Charlotte Hall, Jack Connell, Ruby Crawford, Andrew McGarry, James Arnot, Cole McGinnes, Seamus Hemingway, Lisa Sprague, Chris McDonough, Ed McGovern and Mike Shea, under the direction of Director and Producer André Boudreau, and Co-producer and Script Supervisor Tracy Heinz. Providing expert support are Music Director Silas Monjé, Cinematographer Richard Marr-Griffin, Costume Supervisor Fiona Crawford, Costume Designers Victoria McCabe Carson and Debbie Hart, and the Costume Producers of the Block Island Sewing Club.

About town

Players, take note: the Block Island Tennis Association, coordinated by avid player Bud Martin, organizes games on three island courts with no commitment required of participants. Games are two days a week, usually Tuesdays and Saturdays, but that sometimes varies. If interested, contact Bud with your e-mail address and he will send you the information needed. All levels are welcome. Bud’s e-mail address is

St. Ann’s-by-the-Sea Episcopal Church bids a fond farewell to Father Dan Barkerand Meg Barker at the end of this month. Father Dan’s last Sunday at St. Ann’s will be April 29.

The following week, May 6, The Right Reverend Geralyn Wolf will officiate at St. Ann’s.

Beginning on May 13, The Reverend Dr. Gary C. Lemery will be welcomed to St. Ann’s as he begins his tenure as interim priest. No stranger to St. Ann’s or Block Island, Dr. Lemery served here for several years as an interim priest, and has been a frequent visitor as well.

It’s spring in New England, and no one has ever said it’s predictable. On the one hand, a delighted Dave Alpers, encountered on a sunny day earlier this month outside the post office, exclaimed, “March was right on schedule this year! On March 29, every forsythia was in bloom!” On the other hand, April 12 found your columnist returning home from dinner with friends. It was raining at their house, and when I got home to my alpine region of the island to walk the doglets, I discovered a border of hailstones around the house and on the deck. The contrast was every bit as delightful, in its New England April perversity, as the blooming forsythia had been the week before.

Block Island everywhere

Energetic, ever-young Ellen Jacke, now enjoying life in Wallingford, Conn., when she is not in residence on the island, will travel to Arizona April 18 to visit Judy and Don Raffety, her former neighbors on Coast Guard Road. While there, the three will have lunch with Barbara MacDougall, who will leave Arizona May 7.

Ellen will spend the next week in Sedona with daughter Karen Jacke, to celebrate Karen’s 60th birthday.

Earlier this month, Ellen went to Middlebury College to see a play for which her youngest granddaughter, Emily Jacke, designed all the costumes as her senior thesis.

On June 1-3, Ellen will return to her own alma mater, Wellesley College, for her 65th class reunion, before returning to the island for the summer season.

Toubé and Ben Wohl will have a granddaughter attending university at each end of the country next year, and both ladies are ballerinas. Granddaughter Abigail Wohl, a performer with the San Francisco Ballet for two years, broke her leg and cannot dance as aggressively after two stress fractures. She will attend the University of San Francisco next year to study courses related to ballet so that she may stay involved in the profession to help other dancers.

Younger granddaughter Emily Wohl has just graduated from high school in New Jersey and will attend Princeton University next fall. She is also a ballerina, but her concentration will be in sciences at Princeton.

A book signing at New York’s South Street Seaport Museum on Friday, April 20, celebrates the publication of “Shipwrecks of the Cunard Line,” by Sam Warwick. The celebration was to be attended by the author and his father, Commodore Ron Warwick, of the Cunard fleet. Expected attendees from Block Island, as of this writing, include Rick Batchelder and Allan MacKay.

The Visual Arts Sea Grant Program of Rhode Island, established in 1988 to encourage New England professional visual artists to address environmental issues of the ocean and coastal communities, is now accepting grant proposals. Annual grants of up to $3,000 are awarded, and the deadline is May 25. Further information may be obtained at

A caution

Night fires may be hidden and remain so until it is too late, and oven fires are a case in point. Peter McNerney recently advised that running the automatic cleaning cycle in an oven should be done carefully, and often, and in a fairly clean oven that has been wiped of excess build-up. If ovens are not cleaned regularly, flammable materials can catch fire during the cleaning cycle.

Pete had been called to a house by an owner who could not open her oven door the morning after she had run a late-night cleaning cycle. During the 3-hour cycle, she noticed that the house had become very hot with a haze of smoke throughout, so she kept getting up to open windows. Pete, taking note of a scorch mark on the abutting cabinet, said that oven doors usually lock and stay locked after a fire has raged inside the oven.

Good thing, and I am very lucky indeed, and my new stove should be in place by the time this is published.


Slightly belated wishes for a very happy 40th wedding anniversary to Betsey and Don DeMaggio, April 15!

Happy upcoming anniversaries to Anne and Brad Marthens, April 26; Patsy andCap Easterly, April 29; and Jean and Bill Crawford, married May 1, 1943.

Of cakes and candles

Happy belated birthday wishes to Maggie Kent, whose special day is April 17!

Happy birthdays to Neil Lang, Laurie Gempp and Virginia Dare, April 21 (the date on this paper!); Nancy Worth and John Lehman, April 22; Marguerite Donnelly, Ray Pellegrino, Sr., and Bob Gilpin, April 23 (a little bird whispered that Bob will be 79, and who would ever believe that!). Lyn Reale, April 24; Marty Hemingway, April 26; Skippy Sanchez, April 28; Helen Sanchez, Lulu Kiley and Robby Brown, April 29; Pam Gasner, April 30; Mary Anderson Phillips and Charlotte Herring, May 1; Justin Abrams and Beckett Hayward Alker (who turns 2), May 2; Jessica Lee Filkins, Jane Lohr, George Dodge, Sue Schaller and Don Warner, May 3; Norman Ward and Ted Merritt, May 4; Josephine Dugan, May 5.

Let us know what’s happening! Visiting relatives, special occasions, updates on friends near and far, projects… Deadline is Tuesday morning, and Fran can be reached at 466-2892 or

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