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In Case You Haven't Heard

By Fran Migliaccio | Apr 02, 2012

About town

Not to miss: the Block Island Ecumenical Choir presentation of "The Easter Story in Song" on Sunday, April 8, 9 a.m. at the Harbor Church.

(Having said that, we confess we will not be among the singers, being off to spend Easter in Providence with sibling and famly.)

A very Happy Easter to all, and if you do not celebrate Easter, then happy spring, for surely ’twill be here by then, with its attendant warm weather —? As I write this, I notice that my boiler, after a visit this morning from the boiler-doctor, is now producing heat. A bit is still needed, though much less and less often.

Readers rejoice! An organization called World Book Night is printing out hundreds of thousands of free paperback editions of good titles, and the call is out for volunteers to bestow them on people to encourage reading in their communities. Cindy Lasser, owner of Island Bound bookstore, has brought the event to Block Island and is asking that volunteers who have a bit of time to give out books to people contact the store by April 14 (next Saturday!) to participate. Among titles available are some I have read and heartily recommend: "The Kite Runner,""The Glass Castle,""The Lovely Bones,""Bel Canto," as well as many others. To volunteer, contact Island Bound, at 401-466-8878, or walk in the door.

Sealy said it all, last week: “Moon and stars, wind and waves make life worth living.” Thank you, Dave Chatowsky, for sharing your artistic gifts and your outlook with all of us over the years, through many different media!


Danielle Woodward, accepted by all three colleges to which she applied, has selected Delaware Valley College as next year’s scholastic destination. Congratulations, Danielle! Danielle’s proud parents are Dr. Jan Miller and Hank Woodward.

Congratulations to the two Block Island artists among three finalists selected by the Rhode Island State Council on the Arts to create public art for our Block Island Airport:Marilyn BogdanffyCindy Kelly, and Cambridge artist Mela Lyman were chosen from 281 applicants for the final round of selection. Your columnist, shamelessly biased by friendship and local pride, hopes one of our two hometown artists wins!

Hearty congratulations to Father Dan Barker, who celebrated the 30th anniversary of his ordination to the priesthood on March 25!

Happy upcoming wedding anniversaries to Anna and Mike Lofaro, April 12, andKristi and Pete Monjé, April 14.

Craig Nelson, the son of Muriel and Fred Nelson, has added a postscript to the item about the Nelsons’ 60th wedding anniversary of March 29. Though Muriel and Fred’s family members were unable to travel to Florida on the actual date, Craig and his family from Torrington, Conn., and brother Eric Nelson and his family from Dublin, Ohio, plan to celebrate the occasion around the 4th of July at their parents' home on Block Island.

Know Spurgas?

Renters, cottagers and other visitors to Block Island should all be aware that the Transfer Station, the facility where trash may be disposed of legally, is open Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday, 7 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. It would be in order for hosts, landlords and real estate agents to make visitors aware of this and tell them to plan accordingly. Last weekend, in a large pile of trash that was dumped on private property where it didn’t belong, were a bunch of half-deflated balloons, a broken lamp, four pillows, a shower curtain with beaded metal rings attached, yards of plastic packing material, many bottles and, among much else, an unused item belonging to Dave andErin Spurgas, still in its wrapper, from an event where they sat at Table 2. Is anyone friend, family, landlord or renter to the Spurgases? Just wondering. The point is, Spurgas or non-Spurgas, please take your debris with you or dispose of it legally, and do not expect Block Island residents to clean up your household garbage. Would you like it if someone dumped trash on your property? If someone does, I will give you a pair of slightly-used rubber gloves so that you, too, may have the pleasure of cleaning it up.

All creatures

Dog owners, if your best friend is due for a rabies shot this year, remember to take a walk or ride over to the Fire Barn for the island’s annual Rabies Clinic this Thursday, April 5, 12:30 p.m. to 2 p.m. Rabies shots are $10 and dog tags $5, both a bargain. Your dog will realize the health advantage and will thank you, of course.

Back in January I noticed I had a dead crow, on its back with claws curled heaven-ward, in the lower branches of the first blue spruce tree I see when entering my driveway. An odd welcome sign, or an omen (shiver!)? Let alone how it landed there through all those branches, the question was, what to do? I did not want to reach in and get it, and if I had, where would I have put it? It stayed. When neighbors called it to my attention I thanked them and offered it to them in a spirit of hope and generosity, but they wanted it not. Suggested, however, that I might prevail on a kind soul… Which I did, and thank you to the friend in the neighborhood (who shall remain anonymous lest he get other requests) for corpse removal and disposal.

Of cakes and candles

A very happy belated birthday to Jessica Blanding, whose special day was March 25. I drafted her into the last column but must have deleted her unwittingly. Happy year, Jessica!

And a slightly belated happy birthday to Bill Millikin, who divulged last Tuesday, April 3, that he had attained his seventh decade, and couldn’t quite figure out how it happened all of a sudden, but there it was… We can’t believe the Sergeant is 70 either — happiest day, Bill, and keep the style!

Happy birthdays to Leslie Dodge Slate and Rick Kyte, April 7 — the date on this paper! Going forward, happy birthdays to: Lew Fagan and Roberta McCormick, April 9; Jim McCormick and Frank Tanucci, April 10; Edith Blane and Brad Marthens, April 13; Kathy SzaboGreg Kyte and Zenith Gross, April 15, tax day;Adrian Mitchell, April 17; Heather SniffenFrank Ruddle and Bruce Johnson, April 19; Laurie Gempp and Virginia Dare, April 21.

Let us know what’s happening! Visiting relatives, special occasions, updates on friends near and far, projects… Deadline is Tuesday morning, and Fran can be reached at 466-2892 or

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