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In Case You Haven't Heard, November 5

By Fran Migliaccio | Nov 06, 2011
Photo by: Fran Migliaccio

At a Rescue Squad dinner, held in October at the Spring House after a very busy summer season, a number of special thank yous to people throughout the community were expressed in a heartfelt speech by Lisa Sprague. Highlighted for special dedication to rescue efforts were outgoing squad captain Kate McConville, who will soon relocate to Naples, Florida; New England Airline owners Lois and Bill Bendokas; and Medical Center Nursing Director Linda Closter. Each was given a handsome plaque with an individualized message outlining the reason for the recognition. The Bendokases’ plaque may be viewed at the New England Airline counter at the airport.

Other people and entities thanked for their efforts at the occasion were the Town Manager and the Town Council, the Police Department, the Fire Department, New England Airlines staff, Lifestar, the Westerly Ambulance Corps, Interstate Navigation with special mention of Cindy Littlefield, the U.S. Coast Guard, the Medical Center staff, Cortney and his Verizon truck and the Harbors Department.

Congratulations to all for jobs very well done, and a huge thank you from everyone in this community!

Very special congratulations to Bobbie and Kip Reynolds, who celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary (that’s the 50th!) this year. The actual anniversary was September 15, but Bobbie and Kip didn’t bother to mention the 50-year milestone to their children. When offspring Troy, Susan (Dwyer), and Carl found out, they quickly joined forces to throw a gala, multigenerational celebration for their parents at the Harbourside Restaurant in East Greenwich on October 15. A good time was had by all!

Congratulations to upcoming anniversary-celebrating couples Anne and Monroe Dickinson, November 16; and Barbara and Allen Hall, November 18.

About town

Your columnist connected by chance, in early October, with Emmy-award winning NBC journalist Mike Taibbi, who anchored just off the Block Island Boat Basin dock, stopped at the marina store, and bought a Block Island polo shirt while waiting to be picked up by his buddy, Malcolm Greenaway. The two had planned to watch the Giants game on TV, but it was blacked out in favor of a Patriots game. “We hung out instead, had cheese and crackers and went to Winfield’s for dinner,” volunteered Greenaway, adding that it was Taibbi’s third visit here this year. “The first time he had supper with us and the second time we went sailing on his boat.”

Greenaway met Taibbi a few years ago, after the journalist had e-mailed Greenaway about some photos and followed up with a story he had written about his dog, who used to sail out here with him but passed away five years ago.

Taibbi had just returned from Libya around October 1 this year, arriving in the states that morning and sailing to Block Island the following day.

While in the Boat Basin store, he mentioned that he had just accepted a West Coast assignment with NBC that includes coverage of the Far East, and would soon relocate to California with his sailboat.

Taibbi is a graduate of Rutgers University, and graduated a year after Nancy Greenaway. The Greenaways discovered that Taibbi had lived on the same street they had for a time, but they never met during their Rutgers years.

All creatures

When Shellfish Commission members adjourned to lunch at Mabel’s on a recent Friday after seeding the Great Salt Pond and environs, Ardys Filippone displayed a photo on her cell phone of a teeny, tiny scallop resting on the palm of her hand, prior to finding a home in island waters. Sweet!

Dear deer hunters, please do, as a courtesy, make yourself known to neighbors if you have been given permission to hunt on someone’s property. Neighbors appreciate knowing who is hunting, and when, in their vicinity, particularly if they have school age children or simply enjoy recreational strolls of their own.

Block Island everywhere

We learned this year, after enjoying chance summer time encounters for many years with Corn Neck Road residents Bob and Mora Bissonett, that the two play in a band called the Missouri City Pops the rest of the year in their other life down in Houston, Texas. Mora plays clarinet and Bob does “Percussion but not drums,” he said. “They won’t let me near the drums. She is much better than I am,” he added of his wife, with modest gallantry.

“Don’t believe it for a moment!” she replied.

The two were looking forward to getting back to rehearsals for the Pops busy upcoming performance schedule. The band has several youtube videos — check them out!

We also learned that Bob, who has been coming to Block Island all his life, is a nephew of Eleanor Garrett.

Of cakes and candles

“It’s my birthday today!” announced Jock Sisto, as he arrived inside the post office on October 26 to collect his family’s mail. “How old?” we asked. “Fifty-four!” he replied.

Happy birthdays to a number of other people: Steve McQueeny, October 25; Kip Reynolds, Joan Ballard and Gail Pierce, October 27; Bobby Rose, October 28; Peter Mott, Christina Papa and Kenn Fischburg on Halloween, October 31; Frank Magennis on All Saints Day, November 1; Marc Scortino and Dan Barker, November 3; Larry Rose, November 4; Campbell Coviello, November 10; Muriel Nelson and James McNerney on Veterans Day, November 11; Seth Draper and Ed McGovern, November 12; Wendy Ernst and Peter Wood, November 13; roses to Arthur Rose, who will be 90 on November 16 this year, and happy birthdays to Karen Martin and Barbara Hirsch on the same day; Suzanne King Wagner, November 17.

Let us know what’s happening! Visiting relatives, special occasions, updates on friends near and far, projects… Deadline is Tuesday morning, and Fran can be reached at 466-2892 or


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