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I got wind of a blow, and held on to my hat!

By J. V. Houlihan, Jr. | Oct 31, 2012
Joe Houlihan standing near the breached bulkhead.

I guess Sandy lived up to her hype and delivered: water, wind, seas and some jangled nerves on Block Island and other parts of the northeast. After leaving the Point Judith ferry dock after this pic was taken, I hustled over to Newport to check the lines and chafing gear of my sailboat. Interstate Navigation's crews were way ahead of the curve regarding preparations; past experience has served the ferry company well.

     All boat owners did the best they could do to prepare for the storm, and then watch it play out. In Newport and Point Judith the wind direction was an issue of great speculation. Additionally, the full moon coinciding with the incoming tide at the height of the storm, was of major concern. While securing my sailboat in Newport, the word around th docks was  the hope that the docks would hold together with the rising tide; fortunately, the docks held fast. Not one boat in the Newport Marina, aka The Treadway, got so much as a scratch.

      It will take some time for things to get squared away on Block Island and other hard hit Rhode Island locales. Bottom line, we dodged not a bullet, but a Scud missle. Had the wind direction come more from the S E, the outcome in Point Judith and Newport would have been a little different. With exception to Block Island, the N E wind direction served us well. Moreover and most importantly, no one was injured.



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