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Hinthorn, Lewis will stay on BIHS Board, not as officers

New officers to be elected June 9
By Stephanie Turaj | Apr 28, 2013

Block Island Health Services (BIHS) Secretary Kay Lewis announced that she and President Pam Hinthorn will not run for re-appointment as officers in June, but they will remain on the board.

“I served two terms as a secretary and I don’t really want to seek another term,” said Lewis at the BIHS April 22 meeting.

“I made a vow to myself that I would do this for two years and I’ve made it for three,” Hinthorn later told the B.I. Times. “My friends and family encouraged me to let someone take over.”

Both Lewis and Hinthorn have two more years to serve on the BIHS board — their terms expire in 2015 — and both expressed willingness to help new officers transition into the role.

At the June 9 membership meeting, BIHS board members will elect new officers: president, vice president, secretary and treasurer. There is currently no vice president, and Pete Tweedy currently serves as treasurer.

At the April 22 BIHS meeting, Hinthorn said this election would be conducted in closed session. However, she later told the B.I. Times that this might not be correct.

Former Medical Center Executive Director Monty Stover said that the officer elections “have never been in closed session.”


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