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High Speed Internet on Block Island?

By John Barry | May 12, 2012

I'm as skeptical as you are. But I recently had the occasion to test out a new internet service on the island. And I was blown away by the speed.

Before I go into the specifics, though, know this is not for everybody. If you are going to consume a ton of data, it's going to cost you.  And I'll go into that in a bit. But for now, I'm a champion of the service.

Here's the skinny.

Out here we have DirecTV as our satellite TV service. DirecTV has an internet division called Wild Blue. I have personally worked on many of the issues we see out here with Wild Blue and the service has been lacking in many ways.

A couple of months ago a new company called Exede bought Wild Blue. And a lot has changed since then. Speeds are now almost mainland speeds, but, as I'm sure you know, there are caveats.

If you own a house on the island and want the service and have DirectTV it will require a separate dish and an installation charge. BUT weigh that against the benefit.

Exede, amongst all their plans, and there are three depending on data usage, are guaranteeing 12Mbps. Let me put that in perspective. Our Verizon service here gives us .7Mbps and up to 1Mbps. See the difference in speed? And speed is what it is all about. Gotta get stuff done.

The 12Mbps is a constant amongst all their plans, so it doesn't get any speedier. but out here, that is friggin fast.

There are three plans they offer, all based on how much data you can consume in a month. And know this, if you consume more than you signed up for, your service will be slowed down. That's the caveat and the issue.

But there are three plans that just might work for your consumption.

Personally, none of them would work for me. I have Hulu and Netflix and need to stream video all night long. Honest appraisal.

If you don't need to stream data and want fast internet..REALLY FAST internet on Block Island, this is it.

If you are already a DishTV subscriber, expect to pay extra. But it is probably worth it.

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