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Hidden treasure in the sand

Look for your glass float beginning in June
Mar 16, 2013
Photo by: Kari Curtis

Four hundred handcrafted glass floats will be hidden throughout the island between June and August.

A total of 200 floats will be hidden in June, another 100 in July and 100 more in August, the Tourism Council announced this week. Searching for the handcrafted glass floats, created by Eben Horton Glass, began last year. The event only comes to an end when all 400 floats are found and registered. Each glass orb is stamped and dated with an image of Block Island on the bottom.

The majority of the globes are clear glass, but 13 will be colored (because it’s 2013; last year 12 were colored), and one is gold. Last year the golden float appeared to have been stolen. If tradition holds, half of the floats will be hidden on Greenway Trails (Enchanted Forest and along Clay Head Trail, according to the website) and the other half on the beaches. *

When a glass float is found, the finder will be able to register it at

— L.T.

*This article originally listed incorrect information about where the floats will be hidden. This year there will be no limitations on which beaches and trails the floats can be found.  The organizers emailed us to say, "There is the possibility of finding one on any beach or trail this year! However, they will still be above the high tide line and never in the dunes."

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Posted by: Lorraine Sanchez Doten | Mar 18, 2013 13:14

 How can a person who lives in Fla.  obtain one of these floats,just to have one because is from Block Island ?

Thank you for any help.

Lorraine Doten

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