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Heating assistance available

By Gloria S. Redlich | Jan 15, 2013

The Block Island Senior Advisory Committee wants island residents to be aware that heating assistance is available for eligible persons — homeowners or renters.

The South County Community Action Agency (SCCAA), based in Wakefield, sponsors the program to provide “grants to reduce home heating costs for oil, natural gas, electric, propane, wood, kerosene and coal to income-eligible families even if heat is included in your rent.”

The eligible income level guidelines for 2012-2013 are: for a single individual, $27,482; for a two-person household, $35,938; for three people, $44,394, and for four persons, $52,850. Larger households are eligible as well, including up to 10 persons with a total income of $76,104.

Households may also take advantage of other SCCAA programs, including one to examine electrical usage in the home (through a computerized audit) to determine whether light bulbs or refrigerators need to be replaced.

A weatherization program offers energy audits to evaluate the need for insulation, weather stripping and pipe sealer. There is also a program that offers boiler repairs or replacement if heating systems cannot be repaired.

Applications are available at Town Hall. The forms indicate an October deadline, which is incorrect. Applications must be presented at one of two SCCAA offices — either at 1935 Kingstown Road, Wakefield, or at the Westerly office at 34 Pond Street. Those interested should call 789-30166 extension 337.

Applicants must provide income documentation for the previous four weeks, current electric and heating bills, Social Security Cards and birth certificates for all household members, and photo ID. If renting, bring a copy of the lease or rental agreement; if a homeowner, proof of ownership and proof of residence (i.e., a current utility bill).

For additional information, contact Senior Coordinator Kathleen Mitchell at 466-5419 or at

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