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HDC approves High Street shed

By Judy Tierney | Mar 05, 2013

In what might have been the shortest Historic District Commission (HDC) meeting ever on Monday evening, members voted unanimously to approve construction of a shed on Plat 7, Lot 58, off High Street, owned by the John J. Cotter Trust, which was represented by Bobby Rose.

After a preliminary review, the board took up the final review and determined the stipulations for the 12-foot by 16-foot (and 17-foot high) shed to be constructed on a spot on the property marked by the zoning board: 20 feet from the northern property line, 16.2 feet from the southern property line, and 100 feet from the front property line.

The shed is to be used for storage only and will not have plumbing or wiring, Rose told the commission, and will have a foundation with a basement and two more levels. Two dilapidated sheds will be torn down.

The project had already received Zoning Board approval. The HDC stipulated that the foundation must be covered with wood shingles. Shingles on the roof must match those of the house on the property and single glazed windows with mullions must be used.

A final review of construction of a retaining wall by the Block Island Land Trust on Plat 7, Lot 1-1 was continued. Chair Bill Penn said that the Land Trust has retained Ned Phillips, who concurs with the HDC that a cement wall is not the best way to go forward with the project. Phillips will return to the HDC with another plan at a future meeting.

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