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HDC approves full slate of applications

By Fraser Lang | Nov 22, 2013
This Ocean Avenue building houses the offices of Offshore Property. The railing and porch design inspired by a suggestion of owner James Brouillard was designed by John Spier and was praised by the HDC as “imaginative.”

The Historic District Commission (HDC) dispatched its agenda on Monday evening, Nov. 18, with little discussion and no serious disagreements. The HDC met in the Community Center after having been bumped out of its usual space in the Town Council chamber because the council itself was meeting.

Other than a few minutes discussing whether or not the posts on the new fence being installed by the Early Learning Center should have caps, there was only minor disagreement about the details of the applications before them. All votes were unanimous except as indicated.

Approved were the following applications:

1. BI Resorts, Inc. Plat 7, Lot 6 & 7. Application by Steve Draper for BI Resorts, Inc for renovation to the Guest House at the 1661 Inn.

2. Coastal Resorts Holdings. Plat 6, Lot 117-1. Application by Julie Fuller for the National Hotel to construct and install a fence. This will replace the fence that formerly separated the library property and the National Hotel and was destroyed by Hurricane Sandy. The only dissenting vote was Martha Ball who objected to “a picket fence five feet high.”

3. James Brouillard. Plat 6, Lot 31. Application by John Spier to replace existing two-story porch/deck. The building is on Ocean Avenue and houses the offices of Offshore Property. The vote to approve was unanimous and the design presented by John Spier was lauded for its “imaginative” railing design.

4. Island Economic Development Housing. Plat 6, Lot 90. Application by Greta Heinz on behalf of Block Island Early Learning Center to construct a shed and fence installation. The only dissenting vote was cast by Douglas Gilpin who preferred an earlier shed proposal.

5. Town of New Shoreham. Plat 6, Lot 118. Application by Nancy Dodge for the Island Free Library to install a retaining wall. This wall will run along the ramp leading from the side door of the building and running adjacent to the driveway. It will feature a precast simulated stone façade and both applicant and board agreed that the outcome was better since the board had asked for a redesign of the project.

6. Lawrence Rose. Plat 7, Lot 87-02. Application by Brad Marthens to install a skylight. The building sits on High Street almost opposite the driveway that leads to The Atlantic Inn.

7. Marthens & Co. LLC. Plat 8, Lot 256-5. Application by Brad Marthens for the Atlantic Inn to construct a fence. This will replace a garden fence destroyed by Hurricane Sandy.

8. Windrose House LLC. Plat 7, Lot 73-01. Application by DVL Landscape Architecture LTD for Barbara Morrissey to install a gate and arch in a privet hedge. This property was formerly part of The Bellevue House and sits on the south side of the driveway that now divides the properties. Chair Bill Penn indicated a desire to require that the privet hedge be kept trimmed but Mike Ballard pointed out that the HDC has no purview over plantings.

Chair Bill Penn noted that the terms of members Claire McQueeny and Dennis Riordan are about to expire and both would need to submit a letter to the Town Council if they wished to serve another term. Riordan was absent and McQueeny indicated that she hoped to stay.

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