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Harbor Church is a warm community of faith which seeks to serve the entire island as followers of Jesus. We are affiliated with American Baptist Churches, but our membership includes persons of many denominations and we welcome visitors from all over to our services. Sunday morning worship is always at 10:00 a.m. year-round, followed by a coffee hour. Bible study for adults is on Thursday at 6:30 pm. On Friday nights we host the Common Ground Coffeehouse with free soup, coffee, and refreshments at 6:30 and live entertainment or a film or party at 7:00 pm.

Harbor Church hosts many community groups in our facilities, including AA meetings, BIRA, the Prevention Task Force, Friends of the Great Salt Pond, the Rhode Island Blood Bank, the Bridge Club, the Rec Center, the International Workers' Center, Vacation Bible School, NAMI-BI (National Alliance on Mental Illness), the Men's Breakfast, the Prayer Shawl Ministry, the Ecumenical Choir, the Block Island Poetry Project, the Boy Scouts, the Helping Hands food pantry, and the Spring Street Gallery. In addition we host the town-run Rec Center in our basement and operate the Summer Rec center for both island and visiting teenagers. Vacation Bible School will be held in late July to early August. Harbor Church also sponsors Clayhead Pottery, a paint-your-own-ceramics program.

Our pastor, Steve Hollaway, is a poet and a graduate of Princeton Seminary, as well as Princeton and Duke Universities. He and his wife Becca, who is an artist and a potter, live upstairs in the church building, which was once a Victorian hotel known as The Adrian. Soon Harbor Church will celebrate 250 years of organized existence, but our roots go back 350 years to the faith of the original settlers of the island.

Please contact us at 466-5940 for more information about programs and arrangements for island weddings, or email us at

For more info visit our web site:

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