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Guess this house, May 7, 2011

May 17, 2011

This home ran in the first issue of May, and early the next week this email arrived: "Just got The Times in the mail, and I bet I'm the 251st to provide an answer."

Congrats to Doug Gilpin for actually being the first.

Other readers wrote in with the answer: the home is called Cozy Cottage, and it sits on the north corner of Corn Neck Road and Beach Avenue. For years it was painted an aqua blue, and now it's shingled.

Current owner Alison Miller also wrote in: "We bought the house about 5-6 years ago and have been working hard to fix it up (new roof, siding, all the stuff you have to do on an island house). We've had wonderful times there with our kids and dogs!  I never knew Jessie Edwards painted it. I'll try to see the painting in person — it's an honor to see it in the paper!"

Good luck to Alison and look for another two or three paintings by Jessie before her summer gets too busy.


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Posted by: Jessie Edwards | May 18, 2011 10:05

Thanks for putting this on the Block Island Times/Village Soup site.  Also, thank you to anyone who puts in their comments and or guess!

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