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Grybowski claim about cost of wind energy questioned

Aug 29, 2013

The Providence Journal reported that a claim by Jeff Grybowski, CEO of Deepwater, that solar is more expensive than wind energy is not true. His claim was examined in the Providence Journal's regular feature Politifact.

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Posted by: Jeffrey Crawford | Aug 30, 2013 09:18

Mr. Grybowski would like everyone to believe that, however people should keep in mind that Mr. Grybowski was the former Chief of Staff to then Governor Carceri and was instrumental in negotiating the Governor's Energy Policy Inititive in 2006 with National Grid- Narragansett Electric and then the aquisition of the former Providence Gas Company/Southern Union Company by National Grid. 

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Posted by: Martha Ball | Aug 31, 2013 09:20

from today's ProJo

PROVIDENCE, R.I. -- On Wednesday, PolitiFact Rhode Island rated as False a statement by Deepwater Wind CEO Jeffrey Grybowski that offshore wind power is “significantly less expensive than solar energy.”

PolitiFact Rhode Island based its initial ruling on a comparison of Grybowski’s estimated price with a recent contract price for a solar project in Rhode Island.

Deepwater objected to the ruling, pointing to contract prices of several other Rhode Island solar projects. Based on that information and a second review, PolitiFact changed its ruling to Mostly True.

Read the new analysis here.

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Posted by: Michael Hickey | Sep 02, 2013 15:27

The contract that was signed by National Grid and Deepwater, after having been rejected by the RI PUC, is the most expensive contract for energy signed in New England. Period. It doesn't matter what spin Deepwater Wind or the Projo puts on. The RI PUC found the contract to be the most expensive form of energy when including the escalation clause of an annual 3% as well as the cost of the cable at 6 cents. The price starts at 30 cents including the cable to get the power onto the mainland (though that cable cost probably has now gone up since Narragansett rightly rejected it) and ends in the high 40 cents in 20 years.

The PUC does real analysis and takes testimony under oath unlike what goes on in the press.

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