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Godspeed Mac the Scottie

By J. V. Houlihan, Jr. | Jul 07, 2013
Photo by: Amy McDonald-Hampton

Two hours ago, our tough, aloof, and loving little Scottie Mac, left us to return to the Highlands. For years Mac was a great assistant of mine at the docks in Point Judith and Newport. He was also a fearless sailor dog. Moreover, Mac was a therapy dog for the elderly in local nursing homes. I referred to Mac as "The Diehard Sailor Dog," because Scotties are known for their tenacity and intelligence. The "Diehard" nickname was given to this breed, by a very tough regiment of Scottish warriors from the Highlands, back in 1750. The breed reflected the attitude and mien of the regiment. 

   One day, my wife Cindy suggested that Mac wear a lifejacket while aboard our boat. I put it on him once, and he looked like a little kid in a snowsuit. Mac looked embarrassed and did not think this was cool at all. I grabbed the handle of the cumbersome lifejacket and put Mac in the bow of the dinghy. I turned to grab my oars, and heard a splash. Mac had rolled out of the boat. That was the last time he ever wore a rig like that. It was clearly not his style.

    Mac also loved the Carlyle Hotel in NYC at Christmas. After tearing around Central Park, he'd hang in the lobby with me and Cindy and watch the comings and goings of the hotel guests and listen to the Carolers sing. He loved the treats the hotel provided also.

Mac lived life as it should be; forthright and without reservation. He turned eleven on July 4th, and enjoyed many good treats. He will be sorely missed by his brother Sailor, and clan McDonald-Houlihan.

Good on ya, Mac the Scottie.

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Posted by: Rich Payne | Jul 10, 2013 14:43

When I lost my "almost" 13 y/o Akita a year ago July 10, friends gave me this poem.  I hope this helps you as it did me.  So sorry for your loss, its a terrible thing.


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