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Geezers on sailboats

By J. V. Houlihan, Jr. | Sep 10, 2013
Photo by: J.V. Houlihan, Jr. My little brother, and Tim Collins geezing on!

My brother Pat is a geezer, he doesn't know it yet, but he's swan diving into geezer hood. His friend Tim Collins(note the hats on said geezers), is also on the road to geezer hood; just hanging with my brother is a sure sign of this fact. When they have some time, Pat and Tim enjoy a blast around Narragansett Bay aboard Pat's boat Celtic Legend.

      When we eventually slide into the realm of the geezer, we find out two important things; we let lots of things that we considered hip or cool slide by us, and we find ourselves getting exponentially weirder by each passing day. Weird is the new cool. It's hip to be weird—spouses are the first to note this. A geezer can't fool a spouse.

      Now, I want the reader to look at the steering rig my brother invented for his boat. Yeah I know, it looks like a set of handlebars; they're mahogany. Now note the look on my brother's face. Does he look like a guy who cares about anything?  Does his pal Tim? Not these guys; they don't care. They're just a couple of giggling geezers flying by me on my sailboat with another geezer ( more about him in my next blog.)

      Pat and Tim raised some hell on Block Island back in the '70s. Tim married a girl named Jill. On Jill's first trip to Block Island, she rode with us aboard the Manitou, which is currently docked in Point Judith. Jill was looking for a summer gig on the island. On the way back to Point Judith the wind was NE 20-25 kts. and the seas were very sloppy. Poor Jill dealt with her mal de mere, by sitting and leaning toward the port scupper, and well, you get the picture. I still have an active file in my head about that day. Tim and Jill partnered up, and lived in Ma Hutchinson's house in back of the Kittens; they had a cool garden. Those were heady days on Block Island.

     Sorry I got carried away—a geezer is allowed—and rolled from one memory to another. I promise I'll be more vigilant regarding my keen blogservations from the ferry docks.


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