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Four new names submitted for BIHS Board

Judith Cyronak decides against another term
By Gloria Redlich | Mar 22, 2013

There will be at least one new member of the Block Island Health Services Board of Directors when the new term begins in June.

The terms of three incumbents are expiring. At BIHS nominating committee meeting held on Thursday, March 21, it was announced that one incumbent, Judith Cyronak, has decided not to run for a second term. Two other incumbents, Cindy Baute and Pete Tweedy, put their names forward for another term.

At yesterday's committee meeting, it was also announced that four island residents applied for the board: Dr. Albert Casazza, Ken Maxwell, Bruce Montgomery and Peter Saxon. Board President Pam Hinthorn said that eligible candidates must be members of Block Island Health Services and Saxon was not a current member. Executive Director Barbara Baldwin said at the meeting yesterday she would contact Saxon to inform him that there was still time to become a member. It was not known at press time if Saxon has become a member.

At the suggestion of committee member Elizabeth Connor, the names of all four applicants will be forwarded to the entire board for consideration at its March 25 meeting. At that meeting, the final slate of names will be put forward for a vote at the June 9 membership meeting.


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