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Fishing Report - big blues move in.

By Block Island Fishworks | Jul 19, 2013
Blue Fish on the Fly

The big bluefish have moved in around the Island - big means 15lbers!  They are busting the surface feeding on baby butters, halfbeaks, and sandeels.  Bluefish generally get a bad rap - they destroy fishing gear and 'taste bad'.  This is hardly the case if your adequately prepared, these fish are great fun to catch on light tackle and fly rods.  A wire or heavy fluorocarbon bite guard is a must and you have to use a hard plastic or metal lure (or sturdy fly with a long hook shank).  When it comes time to land or release the fish a watch out for their teeth! A landing net, bogagrip (lipper), or dehooker make it very simple.  Pound for pound the bluefish is one of the toughest New England species.  And fresh bluefish are good to eat, especially the smaller ones...fresh is the key.  If you keep bluefish it is essential to bleed them and put them on ice.  Smoked, grilled, or baked - fresh bluefish is delicious.  There is no minimum size and you are allowed to keep 15 fish a day.  Catch em up!

Light Tackle and Fly Fishing Charters are available with Captain Chris Willi.  For reservations call 401-742-3992.

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