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A vacation home on Mohegan Trail
By Stephanie Turaj | Jan 15, 2014
Courtesy of: Lila Delman Real Estate Inside this contemporary home, built as the Caseys’ ideal vacation spot, there’s plenty of space for entertaining. Cathedral ceilings make it feel open, and wood panelling provides a cozy atmosphere.  Outside, a large pond is prime fishing for large-mouth bass.

For Dee Casey, every part of her Block Island home has a story.

It starts from the beginning, in the 1970s, when a vacation resulted in Dee and her family falling in love with the island — “it was so quaint,” as she described it.

So much in love, in fact, that they went on a quest to find the perfect vacation home here. There were a few bumps along the way, including some rough boat rides and a frigid snowstorm that trapped them on island for days. But that didn’t deter the Caseys.

“This was my husband’s dream come true,” said Dee, of the contemporary-style house located on Mohegan Trail. “We wanted something that was unusual and something that was modern.”

She and her husband Tom hired contractors to build the place, and the Caseys had a say throughout the entire construction process. Dee said they selected the “best material” to build the house, such as strong wooden beams and custom stone for the fireplace.

Once built, Dee decorated the home with a collection of antiques to complement the spacious, welcoming feel inside. Many walls are lined with a different color wood paneling, from soft greens to rich, warm browns. Beautiful light fixtures hang above the dining room and breakfast tables, one custom-made and the other an antique from an old farmhouse. And in the bathroom there is a bright red bathtub, and skylights above that are great for stargazing while taking a bubble bath at the end of a hard day.

“It’s a place that everyone finds comfortable and charming,” said Dee of her home.

Dee wanted the place to be maintenance-free, especially because the family lives in New Jersey. Visiting the island was a special treat, and the Caseys spent almost every summer and school break here.

“The day that school closed, my car was loaded and we’d drive up to the boat with the four kids, the dog and the cat,” said Dee.

And then, it was time for fun. For example, there were lots of dinners. The kitchen is well-suited for cooking, said Dee, with plenty of counter space, a breakfast table that seats eight people, and room for a long dinner table.

“One time, Father Randall came over, and we had a great big dinner at my place,” said Dee. “We had a full course dinner, from soup to nuts. I’m Italian, so I love to cook. People kept saying, ‘another course?’ The next day, Father Randall gave a sermon and said something about cooking in abundance.”

Her favorite thing about the island is the friendships she’s made, lifelong friends of dancing, dinners, and even trips to Las Vegas. She said she often had over 14 people at her house at once.

“My deck is wonderful for entertaining,” she added, explaining that it almost wraps around the whole front. “You can see the sunrise on the east side, and on the west side you can see the sun go down. It’s magnificent.”

Dee said her children and grandchildren also love the property. Outside, a pond that’s part of the property’s 2.75 acres is a great spot for bass fishing.

“My grandchildren say the beaches and the sailing and the fishing are fantastic on the island. They all love to fish and sail out here, and one grandson races,” said Dee, who has five grandchildren, five boys and two girls. “ And they love the nightlife on the island — they love everything about the island.”

But after more than 40 years of memories, Dee knows it’s time to move on. While she hopes to purchase a new home on-island, it’s time to downsize.

“I think that was one of the best things for my children to grow up on Block Island,” she concluded. “It’s a different place — a charming place.”

The property is listed at $1,895,000. For information, call Lila Delman Real Estate at (401) 466 8777 or visit

(Courtesy of: Lila Delman Real Estate)
(Courtesy of: Lila Delman Real Estate)
(Courtesy of: Lila Delman Real Estate)
(Courtesy of: Lila Delman Real Estate)
(Courtesy of: Lila Delman Real Estate)
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