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Featured Property: Beautiful views on Spring Street

By Stephanie Turaj | Dec 09, 2013
Courtesy of: Ballard Hall Real Estate This contemporary Block Island beach home, with lighthouse and ocean views, has provided many family memories for the Keyles. Five acres of property including a private pond, allow for nature walks and other outdoor activities.

Michael Keyles loves the sound of the foghorn.

And his home, located on Spring Street close to the South East Light, allows him to enjoy the horn’s deep, comforting sound on Block Island’s misty nights. But it’s the clear Block Island weather that is truly stellar for Keyles, for his property has sweeping views of the ocean, seen from almost every window in the house.

“There’s this little covered deck on the back side of the house, and the sunsets are just gorgeous,” Keyles described, “And you can see the Newport bridge in the distance at night.”

For the past 13 years, Keyles and his family have enjoyed coming to their island vacation home, which was designed and built specifically for a busy life. High ceilings and an open floor plan make it a perfect place to entertain, and multiple bedrooms on both floors allow many guests to stay at once.

A spacious kitchen is one of Keyles’ favorite spots, especially for cooking breakfast. This past weekend, he said he prepared his guests eggs and bacon. A warming station in the kitchen allowed the food to stay fresh as each of the visitors woke up.

The kitchen flows right into the living room, which is a step raised above the rest of the first floor to take advantage of the ocean scenery. A neutral white and tan decor creates an inviting beach house feel, and people can sink into plush sofas and chat while looking out at the ocean, or in the winter, at a warm fireplace.

Outdoors, mahogany decks are built to have a smooth nail-free surface, so people can comfortably kick off their shoes and relax.

“We went a little overboard with building decks,” said Keyles, laughing. But with such views, it’s easy to see why the Keyles wanted to maximize their outdoor space. Five acres of rolling farmland allow for ballgames, kite-flying, and fishing in a private pond on the property.

His favorite activity is simply walking through the property: “When people ask me what to do, I’ve told a few people, ‘Get your shoes and let’s go for a walk right here,’” he said. “You can go up and down through the hills and walk around the stone walls.”

Keyles also said the house is meant to be family-orientated.

“We really wanted to have that beach house feel,” explained Keyles. “My daughter is 17 now, and when I hear her on the phone, I can hear the pride in her voice as she describes her Block Island beach house.”

At the top of the stairs on the second floor, a special area was designed specifically for children, with a book-nook, shelves for games and puzzles on rainy days, and room for kindergarten-sized table and chairs.

“You’d go upstairs and you’d find the kids made a swimming pool out of the bathroom jacuzzi, with bubbles all over the place,” Keyles said.

“We have lots of great memories,” he said. “We have lots of pictures of the kids growing up and playing in the yard and on the beach.

But as the kids have gotten older, the family knows it’s time to move and pass the place on so a new family can enjoy similar memories.

Listed at $1,975,000. For information, call Ballard Hall Real Estate at (401) 466-8883 or visit

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