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Apr 29, 2013

Dear Community of Block Island and the Block Island School(s),

Thank you for all your love and support that you have given me before and during one of my goals in life; to be in the R.I. State Spelling Bee!

An example of the support I’ve gotten is when Thea Monje and Kathleen Hemingway made a banner that said “Good Luck Brianna” on it. It made me feel inspired and confident, especially coming from these two role models, in winning 9th place in the state spelling bee.

I have gotten a lot of support from my family too. For example, my step-mom made sure we would get off the island because the day before the spelling bee, the boats weren’t running and later the flights got cancelled because of bad weather. So, Lila, my step-mom, called a lady named Lisa, who was one of the people running the spelling bee, to postpone it later than 10 a.m., the actual time, so we could catch the “March 9 boat.”

If it was kept to that time, we would have been late. When Lila told me the woman said yes, I felt happy she would do that just for me. Anyway, I would like to give thanks to the elementary, middle and high school grades along with my family and friends on and off island. I would like to give special thanks to the Block Island Ferry for running an “extra boat” and Kate Mello — whenever she is around I always feel calm and secure in her presence.

Thank you all for fulfilling one of my top 10 goals in life, and I can’t stop adding on more goals, ever since I realized how much a young woman like myself needs “a big sister”, and how I can pass it on to younger generations.


Brianna DelPadre

6th Grade, Block Island School

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