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Jul 08, 2013

To the Editor:

Hello, my name is Ben Wolfe. Every summer I come to Block Island (from Washington D.C.) with my family, and I always look forward to being on this beautiful island. I hope it will always stay this way.

In my previous school year, we had to do a project about problems in the environment. Last summer when I came up to Block Island, I saw the movie “Bag It” (sponsored by the Ocean View Foundation). This movie showed me what plastic bags do to the environment. My friend Quinn and I decided together we would do the project on plastic bags because I had previously showed him the movie and we both agreed it was an important environmental problem.

First, we had to collect pre-data. We found two streams of water; the first was next to a walking/biking trail, the other in the middle of our neighborhood. Next, we went to each stream for five days straight and counted the number of plastic bags. The next part of our project was to have an intervention, to improve the data.

For this we put up signs at the location of both streams. After leaving up the signs for a week, we collected our post-data. When we compared the data, there was an average decrease of about four bags each day. My grandmother, who spends the summer on Block Island, would like Block Island to put a charge on plastic bags as well as promote reusable bags. She thought it would be a great idea if I brought up the poster board for my project to the island this summer to try to raise awareness about the damage plastic bags cause.


Ben Wolfe

Bethesda, MD

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