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Featured Letter: From Police Chief Vin Carlone

Feb 24, 2014

Dear Citizens:

Sometime after dark on Feb. 16 (Sunday) some unknown person(s) went to a residence off of High Street and vandalized two parked vehicles. The vandalism included goofy string, grape jelly and ketchup, and the vehicles were covered in it. One vehicle was entered and vandalized in the same manner. The door handle to one of the entries into the house was also tried, as evidenced by the smears of grape jelly up on it. This leads us to believe that the person(s) would have entered the house in the nighttime, where the family was apparently sleeping at the time.

Several weeks ago a teacher at the school had his vehicle vandalized in a similar manner, using food (nachos) smeared into the vehicle.

Sunday night was a night before a holiday and there was no school on Monday so some of our kids may have been out creating mischief. Both acts of vandalism required extensive cleanup, and in the latter case the materials froze to the trucks creating a terrible mess for the owners.

Recovered as evidence were three containers of Pampa brand grape jelly, one Burma brand 40-oz ketchup plastic container and one Goofy string container, 1.8 oz. Four yellow caps were recovered indicating that there are four other containers of Goofy string yet to be located.

Pampa Jelly and Burma ketchup seem to be low-end brands, not sold here on Block Island. Dollar Store, Job Lot-type store items.

Please let me know if any of your children may have been involved, or if anyone has any of the above food products missing, or any other information that may help solve this problem. It could be that the person(s) that did this bought the materials for the express purpose of doing this act of vandalism. I am concerned that this [is] the second incident and if left unchecked could lead to something far worse, as these types of behaviors often do increase in severity. If we can get to the bottom of this we may be able to handle this here on Block Island, rather than in Family Court. Thank you for any assistance you may be able to provide.

Sincerely Yours,

Chief Vincent T. Carlone

Ed. note: Carlone called later to inform The Block Island Times:  “Someone broke into a local church’s food pantry and stole food, which is meant to help poor people, to perform this act of vandalism.”

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