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Featured letter: Care packages to Afghanistan

Nov 27, 2012
Michael Frye

To: the Editor—

Our son First Sergeant Michael T. Frye is in Afghanistan for at least the duration of the winter. He is the Unit Commander’s “right-hand person” on a very big base. It is so big, he purchased a bike so he could get around. He is responsible for more than 100 soldiers doing the “tough stuff.”

If any islanders wish to mail any packages or letters (it takes about a week), his address is:

101 ESB A Company

Attn: Michael Frye

APO AE 09355

Listed below are items that are prohibited and will be confiscated:

Alcohol and any product that contains it (ie. cherry cordials)

Fruits and live plants

Pork and pork products

Horror comics

Political material

Religious material


Lithium batteries

Aerosol cans


Things you can send:

Powdered drinks (lemonade, iced tea etc.)


Comfortable boot socks (our winter is their winter)

Granola bars

Trail mix in snack bags


Liquid soap for showers

Anything else you think is useful


We are interested to know if anyone knows of sale items where available, or bulk, where we can purchase discounted items to get this rolling. We are new to this and appreciate any help or suggestions you may offer. Christmas will be upon us soon and as you can imagine, anything from the U.S. of A. will be much appreciated.

Joya Verde and Virginia Dare

Cooneymus Road

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