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Featured letter: BIHS board candidates

Oct 18, 2012
Photo by: Sue Hagerdon

To the Editor and the Community,

I am pleased to introduce the following two candidates for the public election of two members of the Block Island Health Services (BIHS) Board of Directors:

Susan Hagedorn

Sue is an island home owner living on the West Side. She holds a BA from Ohio Wesleyan University, a BS in Nursing from UMass Amherst, an MS in Nursing from Boston College, a PhD in Nursing from the University of Colorado, and an MA in Media Studies from The New School. She is Associate Professor Emeritus at the University of Colorado and has published extensively on nursing practice. Sue has served on the Dean’s Executive Committee of the UMass School of Nursing. She has also served on the Nurse Family Partnership Board and is a Fellow of the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners. She has received numerous distinguished service awards from her universities. Sue writes:

“As a person with a strong sense of community and with forty-some years of experience in health care, I look forward to active participation on the Health Center Board. As a nurse, I’ve set up clinics and health services; as a nurse practitioner, I’ve provided pediatric, women’s health and adolescent primary health; as a documentary filmmaker, I have been producing a film about Mary D for the past few years. Those experiences have impressed me with the importance of the [center] to Block Islanders and visitors alike. I’ve witnessed the vitality of the health services provided on Block Island and seek to contribute expert, peace-making leadership on the BIHS Board. I see my particular expertise in communication, expanding islanders’ use of primary care services, and enacting leadership that comes from the community, for the community.”

William A. McCombe

Bill has been a year round resident of Block Island since 1979. He is a graduate of Roger Williams University, the FBI National Academy, and the Secret Service diplomatic protection school. He served with the New Shoreham Police Department for 26 years, including many years as Chief of Police, and is currently Director of Security for Interstate Navigation Company and Co-Emergency Management Director for the Town of New Shoreham. He has also volunteered on many committees and town projects during his years on Block Island.

Bill writes: “I have worked firsthand with each of the doctors and medical staff over the past thirty years. I also have a strong understanding of the open meeting laws and the benefits of such procedures.” In addition, he states:

“The medical center is of vital importance to the community. I believe for the medical center to be successful it needs the full support of the community. I feel the current Board of Directors is a well educated group of people that are well-intended. I hope that my experience and knowledge of the community can serve as a bridge between the current board and the voices of the community.”

The election

The election will be held on November 6 at Town Hall. We are fortunate that Bill and Sue have stepped forward to volunteer their talents to our medical center. When you come to cast your ballot in the general election, don’t forget to stop by the BIHS table in front of the clerk’s office to vote for your representatives on this important board.

—Kay Lewis, Chair, BIHS Membership Committee

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