The Block Island Times

Editorial: Thank you, Ray, Peter and Dick

Nov 26, 2012

Next month Ray Torrey, Peter Baute and Dick Martin complete six years as members of the Town Council.

It is difficult to imagine how many hours they have spent in meetings, reading materials, talking with constituents and pondering issues great and small. Public service requires all kinds of sacrifices that few of us who have not so served will ever truly understand.

From time to time they have suffered the onslaught of criticism in public sessions and printed words. They have agonized over tough decisions on issues such as wind turbines, beach access and town contracts, only to find their motives questioned.

No one does the job for the pay. There isn’t much glory. There isn’t even a gold watch as they retire.

But there is something they have earned – each and every one of them. They are entitled to our sincere thanks for their service to the Block Island community.

The next time you see Ray, Peter or Dick, stick out your hand and thank them. Let’s send them on their way with our appreciation for a job well done.


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