The Block Island Times

Editorial: Civic discussion

Aug 24, 2012

The board of directors of the Block Island Health Services took a big dose of medicine on Monday afternoon. They held their regular board meeting before an audience of 60 or more citizens who wanted to vent their frustrations over the board action dismissing medical center director, Monty Stover.

Harsh words were used but it was, on the whole, a civil discussion.

The board deserves credit for facing those who disagree with their action. They listened respectfully. They conveyed information in response to questions. Citing legal restrictions, however, they imparted little to address the specific concern of the Monty Stover situation.

As limited as the discussion may have been, however, there was a sense that public outrage dissipated just a little.

It was a reminder that candor, transparency and open discussion are essential to the operation of a publicly supported institution such as the medical center. Better late than never. Let’s see much more of that and we may restore a sense of civil harmony.


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