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Drink and Dabble at Phil's in Wakefield

By J. V. Houlihan, Jr. | Dec 18, 2013
Photo by: J. V. Houlihan, Jr. Cindy McDonald-Houlihan Drinking and Dabbling

We found recently, that Phil's in Wakefield is our new favorite restaurant. In the 70's, it was a great hang in the morning, for local saloon musicians who came rolling in from a late night with the staggers and jags and an empty belly and a long story. The home fries ruled. The owner Steve, had a flare for cranking out serious omelettes—fast and furious. Oh the drama of it all. It was and is a good place for grub. The bride and I really like the window nook upstairs. Oh the romance of it all.

    The last time we had dinner there, our server gave us the low down on a thing that a RISD, Rhodey guy named Charlie Hall had cooking— not in a literal sense. Hall came up with a perfect way to combine a few cocktails, and painting pictures. Yup, a little libation and a palette of primary colors, and bang, you have a work of art. My wife was all over this. "Where can I sign up," she asked. "Online, on the guy's website," our server demurred. Naturally, we wanted to do a sign-up right then and there, because the bride is barely on the grid. We didn't want to do sign-ups on the grid. We want simple, we're all about simple. I manned up and did the sign up drill; I'm a Prince.

    Tonight is the big night! We just had dinner downstairs, while the upstairs was being set up for the evening painting session. Hall provides framed canvas, and a palette of primaries with brushes, and the ladies are off to the races. Yup, I did say ladies. There may've been one guy there. Guys, listen to a geezer with a modicum of common sense. This is a perfect night out for the girls. Women love this stuff, right? If it ain't a quilting bee, or candle or soap making or a basket making class, then why not a drinky and a dabble. After walking Sailor and MacTavish round the hood, I'll head down the hill at 9, pick up my bride, and she'll be beaming when she shows me her work. We'll take a picture. Head back up to casa McDonald-Houlihan, and we'll post it on this blog. Then we'll hang said picture, because the bride is good with the art thing. Win win win!!! Happy wife; happy life!

*This is a work-in-progress blog tonight. Oh the suspense of it all!

Stay tuned, kids!


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