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Dissect Your Summer

By Sarah Nahabedian | Jul 31, 2013
A closer look at a Blue Fish scale

Once a long while ago, you’re mother told you, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. It’s a timeless saying that simply states; what you see on the outside is not what you will find on the inside. Now you may ask yourself, where is this blog going exactly? Therefore, let me explain.


With the summer atmosphere blowing in over Block Island, the Great Salt Pond is swimming with baby game fish, crabs, seaweed of all types, and even squid. The pond is also swimming with large hungry game fish, which brings us “beach bums” back to our childhood, let’s go fishing!


Fishing is a great activity for the whole family. Some fish just for fun while others are looking for a tasty meal, but have you ever thought about how the fish you see on the outside isn’t the fish that you’ll find on the inside?


Last Tuesday at BIMI after our squid dissection we opened up a 25 inch Blue Fish fresh from the morning’s catch. We weren’t interested in the meat or throwing it back in the ocean, we were interested in its stomach. Like I had said before, the Great Salt Pond is full of baby fish. The Great Salt Pond is a great nursery for these little ones to grow, but it also provides the perfect feeding ground for big game fish. As for us at BIMI, we were told that our Blue Fish friend was going to have quite a full stomach of these baby fish.


After examining the external anatomy, we opened our Blue Fish up, found the stomach, and plugged our noses. Our findings were far beyond what we had expected. Our Blue Fish had eaten roughly 12 baby Silver Sides as well as a whole squid, all of which that fit inside a four ounce space. The fish on the outside was not the fish we thought we would find on the inside, no pun intended.


Now, I’m not encouraging every to go buy a Blue Fish and dissect it’s stomach, although it would be quite interesting, but the moral of the story is don’t judge anything by what it looks like on the outside and your next mission, your summer. Everyone can agree summer is for relaxing, boating, going to beach, surfing and so on, but then you haven’t dissected your summer yet huh? Summer can be whatever you make it, learning, experiencing, opening, so quit the status quo and go dissect your summer!


-Rachel Frei

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