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DEM Deer culling fact sheet

Feb 18, 2014

Culling will commence on Monday, Feb. 24

Culling will generally occur between 4 p.m. and 8:30 p.m.

The Department of Environmental Management (DEM) representatives will notify the property owners and the neighbors (all of whom have previously been spoken to) any day the culling occurs on their property or for neighbors in vicinity.

The Police will have knowledge of each day’s activities and will be in the vicinity to observe and protect the process. They will not be participating in the culling itself.

The DEM, in anticipation of this program, promulgated emergency regulations to cover certain aspects of the culling as part of their authority to manage wildlife. However, their authority does not extend to waiving the State law forbidding the use of silencers or forbidding loaded weapons in vehicles upon public highways or shooting from vehicles on public highways. These two actions are not and will not be used in the culling process.

Baiting began last week. Certain locations have been reviewed and eliminated in concert with the police.

Property owners of properties that are part of this program have terminated their permission for recreational hunting in order to support the baiting and culling process. Town hunting on all other properties where permission was granted — and on Town lands — will continue until Feb. 28 as originally scheduled.

The self-contained processing trailers will arrive on Feb. 20-21 and set up in the Town Hall parking lot.

Lisa Sprague, on behalf of the Deer Task Force, is the point-person for the distribution of deer meat. Originally planned for distribution of meat in 10-pound frozen packages, the butcher has indicated that he can have meat available unfrozen if people would like to package it themselves in smaller quantities. The butcher plans to be working after 4 p.m. into the night and have meat ready for pick up each day. Contact can be made with Lisa as to whether you want fresh or frozen.

Further updates next week.

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