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Council considers transfer station schedule change

New days of operation for next fall possible
By Stephanie Turaj | Mar 14, 2013

Come next fall, the island transfer station may try a different schedule — possibly a trial period of Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday days of operation — to see if this accommodates the schedule of island residents better during the off-season.

This schedule has not been finalized, but it was a suggestion made by Second Warden Ken Lacoste at a Town Council work session on Wednesday, March 6.

The council discussed possibilities for changing the off-season hours because at previous meetings island resident John "Doc" Willis claimed that the transfer station’s current schedule of Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays, is inconvenient, especially to island construction workers.

Mike McGinnes, co-owner of Block Island Recycling Management (BIRM), said that the current schedule seems to be the most efficient for customers, but he said he is open to trying other options.

McGinnes tracked the daily sales at the Block Island Transfer station during the month of February. He reported that the company had an average of 67 paid transactions on Wednesday and an average of 90 transactions during the weekend. These numbers do not take into account people who used the transfer station but did not pay for any services. The council asked McGinnes to track all visits to the station during the next two months.

The transfer station switches to an expanded summer operation schedule on May 1.

A detailed discussion followed about the recycling patterns of the transfer station and how to increase how much it recycles – especially since the state sets a cap for how much waste the station can send to the state landfill. Ultimately, First Warden Kim Gaffett said it is BIRM’s responsibility to propose recycling options to the town.

McGinnes also provided a list of upgrades needed at the station. He said the trash compacter needs replacement. “I feel that it could break and go down any time,” he said. Also included in the list of upgrades was building maintenance and painting.

Snow fencing

The council also discussed snow fencing. Highway Superintendent Mike Shea wrote a letter to the council, listing recommendations for installing and maintaining snow fencing. He said the fences should not be put in pathways, and if they are, they should be removed before the summer. The fences should also be raised on top of accumulated sand at least once a year.

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